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Benefits of Bamboo Products

For the past years, bamboo has been all the rage. There are so many reasons to love this environmentally friendly crop. In case you didn’t know, it doesn’t need artificial fertilizers or pesticides to grow. Another excellent quality of bamboo is its endless utility. It’s seen everywhere from household items, clothes, jewelry, cosmetics to even buildings and more.

Compared to regular wood, bamboo is much more efficient. It proliferates and doesn’t require much water either. The plant is also antibacterial and antifungal. Plus, it’s much more cost-effective to produce. If you are an environmentalist, switch to bamboo products.

Let’s dive into the benefits of this renewable material:

Strong And Durable

Although bamboo is a light building material, it’s three times stronger than timber. It has minimal weight, it’s highly durable, and regenerates annually. Bamboo is easy to transport and shape.

Safe And Hygienic

The bamboo fibers are naturally antibacterial and don’t need toxic chemical treatments. This plant’s viscose fiber has a unique antibacterial quality because a bio-agent is known as Bamboo Kun, which occurs naturally.

Superior Weather Resistant Quality

Compared to other types of woods, bamboo is rot resistant. It doesn’t wrap moisture either. The plant is naturally UV resistant. It makes it best for flooring and even clothing. Some amount of care is required, though.

Requires Less Water

Bamboo requires a wetland condition to grow but doesn’t need large quantities of water. It’s not a needy plant, so it’s capable of producing in most types of environments.

High-Demand Is Not A Problem

You must be wondering since bamboo is so popular, managing its demand would be a problem. Not really! Some bamboo species can grow as high as 3 feet per day. Amazing, right! While most bamboo plants take 3 to 4 years to mature, a hardwood tree takes up to 50 years to reach its harvesting age. Now you know which plant is fast growing.

Bamboo doesn’t grow in days but compared to other trees, its yield is 25 times higher.

Great For The Environment

Not only is bamboo great for humans but the environment as well. It’s capable of absorbing twice more carbon dioxide than trees. The strong roots of this plant make the soil stable and prevent soil erosion. Bamboo forests are known for protecting the species living there as well.


Bamboo is a self-sustained plant that doesn’t need fertilizers, pesticides, or extra irrigation to grow. It has a shelf replenishing growth cycle. In other words, after harvesting season, new shoots continue to develop from the roots. No additional work is required.

A bamboo plant can absorb four times more carbon dioxide than traditional hardwood trees throughout its lifetime.

Perfect Plastic Replacement

Bamboo is a strong candidate to serve as an alternative to plastic. The health and beauty industry has been using bamboo products for some time now. More and more bamboo products are getting public attention.

Since people are looking for ways to reduce everyday actions, bamboo can help keep the planet green.

Multiple Uses

It’s no brainer bamboo has multiple uses. It’s now useful in construction and architecture. In Asian countries, bamboo helps to build bridge scaffoldings and even reinforce skeletons in houses. It’s also useful for interior decoration like furniture, flooring, furniture, and other novel items. Bamboo also works well for flooring. It doesn’t dent like traditional hardwoods.

Naturally Biodegradable

Do you know bamboo is also 100 percent biodegradable! Enjoy complete peace of mind that any bamboo product you buy will return to the earth without impacting the environment.

Plastic can clog the ecosystem for the rest of its life. Why not switch to a product that has a minimal environmental footprint?

Bamboo In Clothing

Bamboo fiber is highly durable and resilient. It’s pleasant to touch. Compared to cotton and polyester, it is strong and has better moisture absorption qualities.

Bamboo is not just eco-friendly; it does not irritate the skin. It’s faultless for those who have skin allergies. Plus, the fabric is comfortable to wear regardless of the season. It keeps you cool during summer and warm in winter. Why would you want to choose any other material?

Use In Medicine

A few ingredients from black bamboo shoots helped for treating kidney diseases in China. Its ancestries and leaves have been useful for treating venereal diseases as well. Reports say that water from bamboo’s side branches has effectively treated bone diseases in a small village in Indonesia.
Makeup Products

Bamboo has made its way into makeup products as well. One example is makeup remover pads. Billions of makeup remover pads make it to waste each year. Switching to bamboo makeup remover pads will reduce waste. These pads are washable and reusable. They are ultra-soft and perfect for sensitive skin.

Prevents Bacteria Proliferation

Bamboo products have natural antibacterial agents that prevent bacterial proliferation.

This plant has low moisture absorption. These characteristics combined make bamboo products hygienic to use. However, all products must get cleaned regularly. Even though bamboo is less susceptible to humidity, storing these products in a dry place is recommended. Bamboo can develop molds if placed in a humid place for longer hours.

Bamboo Products Are Affordable

The great thing is that bamboo products are affordable. From the most straightforward household items to the most sophisticated brands, bamboo products are easy to find. They don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Compared to plastic products and other hardwood types, bamboo products have a longer lifespan. Even if you buy a slightly expensive bamboo product, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Summing Up

Several regions around the world produce bamboos, such as Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa. The largest producer of bamboo, to this date, is China. The country has managed to produce it at a mass scale.

This eco-friendly gift of nature is beneficial for humans, animals as well as the environment. Many countries have started to consider growing it in their local communities because of the numerous benefits.

Switching to bamboo products is a smart choice, no doubt!