ABeadedCurtain 90 String Louver Door Beaded Curtain Handmade with 2880 Beads

Amazon.com Price: $65.19 (as of 05/12/2022 11:53 PST- Details)

The design will be less vivid and you will easily be able to see through the curtain if it is brighter behind the curtain than in front. See photos. You can view all ABeadedCurtain styles here: https://amazon.com/shops/A1LFJN2I30O91T
Truly a piece of hand painted artwork. Fits most doorways and windows. Also looks wonderful when hung on a wall as art.
Each bamboo curtain is 36″ x 79″ with 90 strands attached to a wooden hanging bar. The width of curtain can be also shortened by simply cutting hanging bar or can be hung on the outside of doorway.

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