ACOMOPACK Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillows for Sleeping 2 Pack,with Bamboo Breathable Cover Adjustable Sleep pilllow for… Price: $51.62 (as of 02/12/2022 06:41 PST- Details)

〖LUXURIOUS BAMBOO COVER SHREDDED MEMORY FOAM PILLOW〗Our 100% shredded memory foam filled standard size bed pillows set of 2.Double pillowcases design,The Outer cover made of 35% rayon derived from bamboo and 65% polyester,Bamboo cover added to keep softer and breathable.Provide users comfortable sleep experience.
〖ADJUSTABLE SLEEP PILLOW〗Our soft memory foam pillows suitable for all sleepers.Double pillowcovers have invisible zippers,you can adjust the foam of the pillow.Whether you like flat middle or firm,Simply open zipper,add or reduce filling to find perfect comfort level.Keep you comfortable all night.
〖SUPER SOFT & NEVER FLAT〗ACOMOPACK 20×26 bed pillows filled with high quality foam.Not deform,rebound in 5 seconds make people feel no pressure.And support good,Great for side sleeper,back sleeper stomack sleeper and pregnant sleeper.