All American Collection New Memory Foam Neck/Travel Pillows with Bamboo Cover Price: $14.99 (as of 05/12/2022 11:07 PST- Details)

PLEASANT COOLNESS & THERAPEUTIC EFFECT – Travel more comfortably and enjoyably with our Bamboo Traveling Neck Pillow featuring a U-shaped design that lets you rest your head and neck. The lift and support provided by memory foam are very good for managing neck and back pain. The mixture of Bamboo and memory foam provides pleasant coolness and therapeutic effect. You will experience unbelievable feeling of softness.
SUPPORTIVE NECK PILLOW – Has a removable cover made of luxuriously soft bamboo and is filled with high quality memory foam. Experience comfort fit for royalty! The Neck pillows provide the perfect balance between support & softness. Relax and sleep soundly throughout your flight or other trip.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Sleeping or prolonged sitting can easily cause neck and back pain. The Bamboo Travel Neck Pillow will hold your neck in an ergonomic comfortable position for maximum comfort that any inflatable neck pillow.

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