Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer by Coheden – Premium Cutlery and Utensil Tray – Multifunctional Organizer Fits With… Price: $28.97$29.97 (as of 24/07/2021 08:15 PST- Details)

UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE! 5 slot silverware tray, perfect for storage, Coheden silverware organizer is designed to fit perfectly in all drawer sizes, 17 x 12.75-19.45 x 2 inches with 6-8 compartments with 2 extendable compartments – It is adjustable so that fits like a glove.
BREAKTHROUGH! with beautiful decorative design, Easily cleanse with a damp cloth. The Coheden Organizer makes everything look amazing and better organized. It will match almost any decor.
TOP QUALITY! 100% fully matured bamboo, incredibly strong, Our Bamboo Organizers are harvested at full maturity to increase durability and strength, and also absolutely eco- and health-friendly.

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