Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Paper Towels, 2 Rolls, Earth Friendly Biodegradable Kitchen Paper Towels with Strong 2 Ply Sheets Price: $9.90$17.99 (as of 13/06/2021 01:23 PST- Details)

Tree Free Paper Towels made from 100% organic bamboo & sugarcane, both are fast growing grasses giving you a sustainable, natural alternative to traditional tree based kitchen paper towels
Strong, durable, and super absorbent 2 ply sheets use bamboo’s natural qualities to create a paper towel that’s been tested to be stronger than recycled paper towels of the same weight
Bamboo fibers are earth friendly, highly biodegradable, dissolvable, and compostable – bamboo & sugarcane are grasses that grow back in as little as 3-4 months vs. trees that can take up to 30 year to grow back

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