Green Mind Supply Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag 16 Piece Kit (2x200gm, 2x100gm, 4x50gm, 4 Hooks & 4 Robes) Activated… Price: $16.99 (as of 09/12/2022 07:24 PST- Details)

A BREATH OF FRESH AIR: Green Mind charcoal bags are made from natural bamboo. They can effectively eliminate shoe, pet, closet, bathroom odors, musty smell,… They also can be used as car freshener, pollutant remover, and more!
COMPACT AND EFFECTIVE: Green Mind charcoal bags contain activated charcoal from sustainable bamboo proceed with high temperature and oxygen-free carbonization. Charcoal Bags are specifically engineered for maximum odor-absorbing efficacy within the smallest product size.
EASY TO USE AND REUSABLE: Riactivate your bamboo charcoal bag every month. Place your charcoal air purifying bag in the sunlight for a couple of hours. This process off-gases all of the odors that bamboo charcoal bags have absorbed. Your air purifier bags will be just like NEW!

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