TheClearConscience – 5″ Palm Leaf Individual Bowls, round, 25 bowls, 8.5 fl oz, Bamboo & Wood Style, Biodegradable, Disposable Price: $17.49$109.99 (as of 29/06/2022 07:21 PST- Details)

Palm Leaf tableware made by ‘The Clear Conscience’ is truly eco-friendly as it is made from fallen palm leaves. It is 100% compostable, BPA free and has 0% chemicals.
Our cereal bowl has a 5.5″ diameter with a small rim, which makes it also suitable for serving peanuts or other snacks. Also good for chips, dips and salsa. Comes in a set of 25 bowls.
Our tableware is heat-resistant and much more stable than paper or plastic plates. It is even strong enough to cut a steak on your knees! The bowls hold any fluids without getting soaked through.

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