Natura Green- Bamboo Mugs- Set of 6- 13 oz each (Blue) Price:  (as of 24/07/2021 06:32 PST- Details)

Set of 6 Eco-Friendly, Sturdy, Stackable and Reusable mugs made of Organic Bamboo, packed in a beautiful gift box. Capacity of Each mug: 13 oz. or 390 ml each. With a clean and simple design, our bamboo mugs have a smooth surface and a perfect detailed-oriented finish that produces an amazing high-quality product for your home and kitchen.
Excellent for cold drinks such as water, milk, lemonade, coke, juice or hot ones like coffee, cocoa, tea- indoor or outdoor usage. Heavy duty and robust, it is often used in schools, clubs, restaurants, cafes and bistros. Perfect for outdoor usage as well such as parties, picnics, camping and barbecues.
Once harvested, bamboo can replenish itself within a year and some species grow a whopping 4 feet per day! Bamboo is 100% natural and biodegradable which gives conscientious consumers real peace of mind. Once you have no further use for a bamboo product you can rest easy, knowing that it will return to the Earth leaving minimal environmental impact.

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