Wisfor Bamboo Lounge Chair Large Adjustable Rocking Chair Reclining Patio Chair with Headrest Pillow and Foot Massage…

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Lounger Recliner Chair: Nice sun lounger chair, giving you place to sit out/ lie down in the sun to rock to make you relaxed after long hours of work, naps, read books, watch movies, daydream, hug baby and rock him to sleep. A good companion to enjoy leisure time and sunset in your balconies, living room. If you place a fluffy cushion on, you can sit or lie down with comfort. A good present for parents and friends.
Adjustable Armrest: Patio rocking chair features ergonomic curved armrest, which conform to the arms joints’ arc and relax your hands, also, armrest offers 5 positions of adjustment, allowing to adjust the backrest to the most comfortable position to satisfy your need when you enjoy your lounge time, conveniently transform the chair into a lounger chair.
Innovative Headrest and Retractable Footrests: With headrest to ensure maximum support and comfort for your head while sitting. Two retractable footrest to rest feet. One supports your legs when you are lying on the chair, while another designed with rolling balls to massage feet as well as relieve stress, good for your health.

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