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Durability New Reuse Bamboo Paper: We updated our bamboo towels’ thickness and become more absorbent. Wet these and wring them out, you will find it is amazing! You can use it to wipe spilled coffee, do heavy duty job on the counter, clean up crumbs from toast and snacks. It also can do a pretty good job scrubbing the front of the dishwasher, cleaning other gross messes.
Reusable&Washable: Our bamboo reusable paper towel are machine washable and up to many times. Each paper roll comes with 25 perforated 11″x12″ free tear sheets, and each sheet can be reuse for one week. One bamboo roll replaces 70 conventional paper towel rolls. Recycled for money saving and napkins alternative counteract deforestation and reduce waste.
Prime Bamboo source: Made from a sustainable organic bamboo source, effectively reduce tree felling, and fully degradable, achieving real zero waste. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, growing up to 3 feet or more a day unlike normal trees that are chopped down which causes deforestation – Save trees while saving space and money with this eco-friendly alternative!

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