Cooling Pillows for Sleeping 2 Pack Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow with Adjustable Loft Hypoallergenic Sleeping… Price: $42.99 (as of 29/06/2022 07:11 PST- Details)

🌙 [ADJUST PILLOW to FIT YOU] – If you’re not sleeping well, Qutool Shredded memory foam pillow could change the game. You can ADD or REMOVE premium Foam filler to adjust the height, softness and firmness of the bed pillow to find the perfect comfort level and enjoy a personalized sleep experience without any pressure on the head during night. This is the best pillow for side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper and pregnant sleepers.
🌙 [Good Sleep with Bed Pillow] – Do you wake up with a stiff neck and sore upper back? Based on ergonomic design, Qutool plush pillow provides hotel-quality softness, and also offer firm support needed to keep the neck in line, it moves with you as you sleep so there is never a time when you are left hanging. You don’t need to wake up to fluff and repostion this bed pillow. This helps align the spine, which can reduce pain and pressure points in these areas.
🌙 [HEALTHY HYPOALLERGENIC PILLOW] – Unlike other shredded memory foam pillow on market, Qutool cooling pillows use 90% premium shredded memory foam and 10% Polyester Fiber, that means this formula allows the pillow to let air through every area, more preventing sweating and breathable; and cross-cut design prevents clumping and avoids causing a compact air restricted feeling, giving you an ultimate quiet night.