TEAKHAUS Wood Cutting Board Block I Chopping Board I Wooden Cutting Boards for Kitchen I Large Cutting Board with Handle…

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THE LAST BOARD YOU WILL EVER NEED America’s Test Kitchen has said you will never need another cutting board set. And Kitchen Illustrator rated us the “Best Heavy Duty Cutting Board” Professionals are unanimous you can’t go wrong with a cutting board from Teakhaus
TEAK ISN’T JUST OUR NAME Teak wood is perfect for cutting boards. It is extremely durable and flexible. It lasts longer and won’t get the same grooves that attract dirt and bacteria common in bamboo cutting boards. TEAK is more moist so you won’t have to oil your cutting board set after each use.
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION TeakHaus is passionately committed to taking care of each part of the process from our forest to your home. We develop teak forests on previously underdeveloped lands using the best available technology and only sourcing from sustainable forests. We are proud to be FSC certified

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