Wooflinen 100% Bamboo Sheets 6 Piece Bed Duvet Set + Sheet Set – Breathtakingly Soft Sheets (Full)

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PURE: Wooflinen’s 100% Bamboo bed sheets are so incredibly soft, that we describe the fabric as the lovechild of Egyptian Cotton and Silk. Double the softness of cotton, get ready to invest in a better alarm clock.
CLIMATE CONTROL: Our 100% natural and totally breathable materials resist bacteria, wisk moisture and are hypo-allergenic. The breathability of our bamboo sheets ensures you never experience that “oven effect.”
ECO-FRIENDLY: Not only does bamboo use 1/3rd the water of cotton, the renewable resource does not require pesticides and chemicals to grow. Though comfort and quality are our number one priority, environmentally friendly products give us another reason to sleep easy.

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